Proper rules. Read them thoroughly.

Last updated: 9th October 2017

‘Services’ and ‘Dexbonus Services’ refers to the services operated and managed by the Dexbonus Community Team.

A: General

  1. Maintain a pleasant, casual atmosphere. Be respectful and use common sense. Excessive swearing, rudeness and harassment is not tolerated.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not link to any of the following:
    • Objectionable material, which includes but is not limited to pornography, “shock sites”, viruses, phishing sites and hate groups.
    • Other websites or servers in a manner that constitutes advertising
  4. Do not encourage others to break rules on any Dexbonus Services.
  5. Do not impersonate any member of the Dexbonus Community Staff, or claim to be a member of Staff.
  6. Do not impersonate other community members for any reason.
  7. Report any issues or bugs encountered on Dexbonus Services via the ticket system at Exploiting any bugs for any reason other than to demonstrate at the request of a staff member will result in a punishment.
  8. Follow any directions given by a Dexbonus Community staff member. If you have a complaint about a staff member, please file a ticket at
  9. You may record your activities on Dexbonus Services subject to the following:
    • You have the express permission of everyone recorded.
    • You have the express permission to record their creations.
    • All Parties involved are properly credited.
    • Anything uploaded to a non-Dexbonus Service includes links back to the server page for the services the activities were recorded on.
    • Official Dexbonus Community events, including livestreams hosted by Dodger, may not be recorded.
  10. Advertising on Dexbonus Services is not permitted without express permission from the Community Manager. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Communities or Groups
    • Youtube Channels
    • Twitch Channels
    • Discord Servers
  11. Your username must be appropriate. You may be asked to use a different account if your username is found to be inappropriate. If you refuse to change your username you will be banned from the services.
  12. Piracy is not tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, linking to sites with illegal content and discussions as to where to obtain pirated content.
  13. Spoilers are not okay, and will be removed. What constitutes as a spoiler is at the discretion of the Dexbonus Community Staff. Receiving excessive warnings for spoilers may result in you being removed from some or all of the Dexbonus Services.
  14. From time to time certain topics subjects not listed here may be deemed unacceptable for discussion on Dexbonus Services. These will be relayed via the Dexbonus Community Team if and when relevant.
  15. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid defence.
  16. Dexbonus Community Staff reserve the right to exclude anyone from any and/or all services for any reason without notice.

B: Discord

  1. Do not impersonate other people on Discord.
  2. Your Discord name should be your usual online name or some easily identified variation.
  3. Do not spam actions that send messages to others, play music, sound effects or use a voice changer while on the service.
  4. Do not be offensive, abusive, or cause upset (intentional or otherwise) to other people on the service.
  5. Although we do not actively enforce an age limit, you agree to hearing and reading 18+ content if you join the service
  6. We reserve the right to keep logs of your activity on the service, including (but not limited to) chat messages, commands and client details (including IP address).
  7. Moderator decisions are final.

C: Twitch

  1. No Spamming (Emote spam is permitted)
  2. No Links. Purrbot (our chat bot) filters out most links automatically. Attempting to circumvent this filter may result in punishment.
  3. No Excessive caps. Three or more words, or full messages is generally deemed as excessive.
  4. Chat must be in English only.
  5. No Hate Speech/Extreme language. (Moderator discretion will be applied, so if you are unsure if something is allowed, don’t post it!)
  6. Always be supportive of your fellow Purritos!
  7. Respect the Moderators, Respect the Guests, and Respect the other chatters!
  8. Only provide game tips to Dodger when asked. This means no backseat gaming. Don’t tell her what to do and how to do it unless she directly asks chat for their help (this will be made very clear). It’s not cool to gripe at a person trying to have fun!
  9. Only Permanent Twitch bans can be appealed. If you have a Temporary Twitch ban, you should wait it out.

D: Infractions

  1. Players may receive an infraction for breaking any of the rules above, depending on the severity of the violation.
  2. Upon receiving an infraction, players will be warned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned, depending on the number previous infractions as well as the severity of the infraction(s).
  3. Particularly serious or blatant cases of rule violations will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  4. Ban evasion is not permitted, and will result in a permanent ban for all alternate accounts associated with the evading player. The alternate accounts will remain banned once the original ban expires, and the original ban may also be extended indefinitely.
  5. Players violating the rules on any Dexbonus Service may be banned from any or all of the services.
  6. Bans (except temporary twitch bans) can be appealed and/or discussed by submitting a ticket at Bans cannot be appealed or discussed anywhere else. Any discussion about bans outside the support system may result in more severe action (such as a ban extension).
  7. Abuse of the ticket system, including repeated tickets about a closed matter may result in a permanent ban from submitting tickets, as well as permanent bans from some or all Dexbonus Services.
  8. Giving false information in any ban appeal will result in immediate denial of the appeal with no further discussion and will result in the ban(s) being appealed remaining permanently.
  9. All infractions are subject to moderator discretion.