It's time for 20 questions with Dodger!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the PressHeartToContinue / Dexbonus FAQ. This is created with the intention of helping a new viewer catch up with all things Dooger-y. Enjoy! If you think we've missed something, or if anything here is out of date please do let us know!

On with the questions!

Who’s Sam?

My British waifu/Husband, also known as Strippin! You can watching him at and catch him streaming at

Who’s Clarke?

Clarke is my beautiful baby, she was born in April 2018. I did a stream where we answered a load of baby questions, please check that out if you have queries

Who’s Erin?

one of my best friends and creator of our weekly podcast, Mangapod! You can keep up to date with her at

Who’s Jeannie?

Another of my best friends who moved away to San Francisco. Sniff

Who are Sherlock and Watson?

My cats! And excuse you, their full names are Sherlockcat and Watsonkitty.

Who is Jarrod?

My brother! He’s an incredible musician. Check out his album!

Who is Krissy?

My sister! She’s got a bunch of amazing kids and I love her to bits.

Who is Amarielle?

Our community manager and assistant. He's normally in Twitch chat, say hi! You can keep up to date with him at

Who is Danny?

Our amazing animator! Say hi!

Will you be answering more questions about Clarke?

We did a stream where loads of baby questions were answered, please check that out before asking questions

Where do you live?

In Los Angeles but I’m originally from Oregon

Oh cool. Ducks or Beavers?

Ducks, obviously…if you’re not from Oregon this is a confusing question.

Who do you live with?

My Husband Sam and my cats Sherlockcat and Watsonkitty.

How long have you done YouTube?

About 7.5 years as of January 2018

What did you do in college?

I studied theatre tech for 5 years with the intention of being a scenic/costume/prop designer

Favorite color?

Have you seen this website? Orange of course!

Favorite food?

My dad’s spaghetti. I’ll also try pretty much any type of ramen because RAMEN

How do you take your coffee?

From Dodger Coffee Co. black with two sugars

What are Dodger fans called?

Oh goodness they’ve been called everything from dodgelings to burritos to sweetie patooties. On stream, currently popularly called purritos.

Can I upload your streams or upload my own highlights of your content?

No. Please do not upload my streams or create and upload your own highlights of my content. Sharing clips in Twitch is fine, but please don't upload things elsewhere. Thanks for understanding!

I’ve seen someone uploading your content. How do I tell you?

You can let us know by clicking here and filling in the form.

Hey, someone is selling one of your shirt designs without your permission.

Well, isn’t that naughty. You can let us know by clicking here and filling in the form.