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Do you want to have long and pointless conversations about the correct way to pronounce ferry, or fairy? Do you want to look at photos of cats, dogs and all manner of cute animals? Do you enjoy sharing photos of your food? How about talking about the latest anime you've been watching or reading?

Well, stop doing it with yourself and join our Discord! There are thousands of Purritos discussing random topics and you could be one of them! To join simply click the widget below!

How to identify who is part of the Community Moderation Team.

  • Amarielle the Community Manager is clearly identified with pink name and the rank High Purrlord in the sidebar. This Discord rank title was suggested to Amarielle and he liked it.
  • Assistants are clearly identified with a blue text and the Assistant Rank in the sidebar. As well as moderator work, these people also help the community in additional ways.
  • Discord Moderators are clearly identified with a green text and the Moderator rank in the sidebar.

How do I tell if Dodger is on the server?

  • Dodger is clearly identified with a orange text and the rank Weeb Queen at the top of the sidebar. She chose that rank name. Really. The only person with this rank is Dodger.

I need help on Discord!

  • Feel free to talk to a moderator if you’re having problems. If no one is available and your issue is urgent, please open a ticket at