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Gaming Streams and videos. Plus cats.

Website of Dexbonus of House Thorne. Queen of the Purritos, the Cat Gang and the sweetie patooties. Protector of all weebs. Mother of Clarke. The gremlin of the mangapod. The player of games.

What's here?

On this site, you can find a load of our community information. We've included sections with the most up to date Streaming Schedule, our community Discord, and Merch!

Dodger is working on launching a tonne of cool new merch. Dodger coffee is available now, you can peruse at your leisure. Stay tuned for more information on future merch! We hope you'll join us in Twitch Chat or on the Discord!

There is also the less fun stuff, you can read through the community Terms of Service, Rules and even submit ban appeals on this site.

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