Dodger Merch

Want some dope Dodger swag? Here you go!

Swag you say? What kind of swag?

Well, I'm glad you asked! We've got t-shirts for all your Doodger tee goodness, long sleeved sweaters to keep you warm in the winter, candles and art packs! Check it out on Gametee!

We're always adding more merch and occasionally update our stores with new and limited edition designs and shirts. So check regularly!

Head over to the Gametee Store

Found some rude patoot selling their own Dodger merch?

If you've found a rude boi selling merch elsewhere we wanna know! You can send us a ticket by going to our support portal or by emailing us at our shift theft email!

We want to make sure that the products you guys get are the best quality, have reliable shipping and actually support Dodger. Thank you for all of your help with this!